What is The Internet of Things?

Network-enabled devices that include embedded communication modules or that are designed to be used with gateways or routers are flooding the market. Consumer products that are designed to be used with a web or mobile application are becoming the norm. It is estimated that over 10 billion M2M-enabled devices are being shipped globally each year. This is the “Internet of Things” and its creation is firmly underway.


Bios Cloud by BIOSTURK provides a key solution to IoT initiatives. Bios Cloud is a public cloud service designed to provide easy integration with devices and applications to facilitate real-time device network management and rapid M2M application development.


Bios Cloud provides all the tools needed to effectively manage the complexities of a dynamic device network and keep the network healthy and efficient through a single, secure web interface. Bios Cloud’s suite of management features include: Centralized Control Edit configurations, update firmware, download software and monitor the status and location of your remote assets via a web browser.